Date 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year 3 years Since Inception
NAV change 31.10.2021 0.2% 0.7% - - - 0.8%
Fund performance (incl dividends) 31.10.2021 0.2% 0.7% - - - 0.8%

* The value of fund units may rise or fall over time. The fund’s historical performance does not guarantee or offer any indication regarding the future performance. The information contained herein does not constitute an investment recommendation or advice. Please read the fund’s key information document (KIID), prospectus as well as terms and conditions on the web

Risk and Reward Profile
The risk and reward profile of the fund is the best estimate of the fund management company that is based on the historical performance of existing real estate funds managed by EfTEN Capital AS


EfTEN Real Estate Fund II: 8,7%
EfTEN Residential Fund: 0,6%
Uus-Järveküla development: 22,5%
Cash and cash equivalents: 68,2%


Net asset value: 11,31 mln EUR
Weighted average interest rate of liabilities: 2,5%



Monthly comment

The EfTEN United Property Fund made no new investments in October. Clients’ interest towards the fund’s largest position Uus-Järveküla development remains high – 70% of six terraced houses first on sale have been booked.
In October investors subscribed the EfTEN United Property Fund units at the amount of 2,2mio EUR. Since the launch of the fund investors have invested to the fund 11,2mio EUR.
NAV of the EfTEN United Property Fund increased by 0,2% in October and the fund’s performance since inception is 0,8%.
In November the EfTEN United Property Fund made 2 investments: (i) acquired a 500k EUR position in the EfTEN Kinnisvarafond at NAV; (ii) added 8 661 EUR into the EfTEN Residential Fund for the development of rental apartments in Kaunas and Riga. Largest investment to date of 5,7mio EUR is planned for early December. After that EfTEN United Property Fund is 80% invested. In December the first regular valuation of the fund’s assets will take place.

Investment decisions

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Daily operations

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